The Roger Smith Lab Gallery is a curator based exhibition space located in one of the liveliest business sections of New York City .

Sponsored by The Roger Smith Hotel, The Lab  is a high traffic, fast paced, converted "storefront" that features theme based exhibitions

while providing a venue for experimental national and international artists and curators and their ideas. The Lab specializes in ten day

exhibitions which keeps the esthetic changing and flowing, so that passersby are constantly stimulated, both subliminally and literally.

We are also keen on spreading our mission and goals to other institutions or cities, which are willing to trade shows so the exhibitions

generated by or through the lab gallery can be seen and experienced elsewhere.


Exhibitions at The Roger Smith Lab Gallery include an opening reception, announcement cards, as well as a separate dinner party to

celebrate and showcase the art we exhibit, and the ideas we wish to share and promote.

The gallery, which is at street level, has two walls of glass which face 47th Street and Lexington Avenue, where over 20,000 people

pass by every day.


If you feel your exhibition is unusual and exceptional, please send your proposals, which must include a filled out submission form

a CD of images, resumes of the artists and curators, any previous press, and a brief description of your idea to:


Matt Semler Artistic Director

D. Dominick Lombardi Curatorial Advisor


The Roger Smith Hotel

501 Lexington Ave (at 47th)

New York, NY 10017

phone 212-339-2092


- Please make sure your proposal is a copy, it will NOT be returned.

- We will not consider submissions with slides or print-outs of images.

- Digital images on CD-ROM only.

- All submission must be received by September 15 th for consideration.